Staff Awards


Given to honor the individual or individuals that exemplify the principles and ideals of Regal most often in their daily routine. The recipient(s) will have the same privileges and opportunities that the production-producing associates will receive (i.e. wholesaler promotions, planning retreats, etc.). 2018 Winner: Ben Westin


Given by the Managing Partners to select individual(s) who impacted our organization with contributions of their attitude, synergy, production, support, vision, and clearly represented the Regal Spirit of Pride and Determination. A championship style ring shall be awarded at our annual awards meeting. Diamonds are added for multiple award winners. This is not an annual award, but given when deemed appropriate. 2018 Winner: Heather Christmann


Given by the Managing Partners to the individual(s) that has helped Regal increase its marketing presence and grow our organization. This award can be given to internal or external parties that best exemplify the ideals and vision of Regal as determined by Managing Partners. Not awarded in 2018.


Given by the Managing Partners of Regal to honor those who have faced adversity with honor, courage and dignity. The individual recipient must be passionate about the financial service business, their family, and affiliation. 2018 Winner: Kent Heise

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