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Completing the Client Investment Advisory Agreement for a Sleeve Account

Sleeve accounts are now available under Regal Investment Advisors. With this new abiliy the Regal service team has received various questions of how to properly fill out the required paperwork.

Below is an example of how to properly complete a fee schedule contained in the Client Investment Advisory Agreement to allow for sleeve accounts.

As pictured above, each sleeve within the account is distinguished by the accounts title, registration, and objective on an individual basis. Each sleeve also has a billing schedule with ranges that cover all account values.

NOTE: Rates can vary or stay consistent between sleeves, but must be indicated for all possible account value ranges.

Change of Address for any Snowbirds

Now that winter is upon us many clients may be heading to an alternate address. It is important to keep addresses on all accounts up-to-date. Leaving an out of date address on an account can result in clients missing essential mail, as well as resulting in a restriction on the account. Bad address restrictions prevent withdrawals, as well as other account actions from taking place within the account.

Addresses can be updated by sending an AM – Address Change request through COMET. Work Items for accounts held at Fidelity or Pershing only require an advisor note with the correct address, while account held with Charles Schwab or TD Ameritrade require a completed Change of Address form.

Options Agreements

When setting up Dividend+ accounts with TD Ameritrade the Regal service team has experienced many instances that had the options authorization form filled out incorrectly; resulting in processing errors. Options can only be authorized by a Firm options principal, therefore Client Options Account Agreements must be signed by a firm options principal.

This is established on the TD Ameritrade Client Options Agreement in Section 19 pictured below:

To enable fast and efficient processing please leave this section of the form to be signed by a Regal options Principal.

Upcoming Technology Training

Each month Regal hosts a technology webinar that covers basic navigation and use of Tamarac, COMET, custodial websites and Xtiva. We encourage all new advisors and/or assistants to attend, as well as those that need a quick refresher.

The next webinar is Wednesday, December 10th 2019, at 1:30 PM – 3:30PM EDT.

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