Regal Charitable

Regal Charitable

Few charitable options provide the flexibility, convenience and tax savings of Regal Charitable. As a donor, you can:

  • Enjoy an immediate tax deduction. You may claim an immediate tax deduction for contributions made to and accepted by Regal Charitable. Unused tax deductions may be carried forward for up to five additional years.
  • Donate Appreciated Assets Tax Free. When you contribute appreciated assets to Regal Charitable, you can deduct their full market value from your taxes (subject to current IRS regulations) – avoiding capital gains liability. This might include securities, improved or unimproved real estate, art or collectibles.
  • Maximize Your Giving Power. Contributions are invested under the professional management of Regal Financial Group, and will compound tax free over time – enhancing your ability to make more charitable grants in the future.
  • Separate Tax Planning and Charitable Decisions. You can realize an immediate tax deduction and make charitable gifts later that year or at some later time.
  • Simplify Tax Reporting and Recordkeeping. Regal Charitable provides consolidated reporting and records which includes IRS-ready tax information. No additional separate tax reporting will be necessary.
  • Give Anonymously. You may choose to make charitable gifts anonymously which allows your name and personal information to remain confidential.
  • Utilize a Cost Effective Alternative. Regal Charitable represents a cost effective alternative to creating a private foundation. Private foundation assets can be transferred to Regal Charitable but not vice-versa.
  • Perpetuate a Legacy of Giving. You have the ability to name account advisors who can recommend grants from your account as well as appoint successors who can recommend grants to continue your charitable legacy beyond your lifetime.

Process Outline (PDF)

This document is intended to outline the processes and procedures for the administration of the accounts for the client, Regal Charitable. It defines roles, responsibilities, key processes, timelines and deliverables for the administration of this program by Renaissance Administration LLC.


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