Below are several pre-approved client presentations for your use. All presentations have been approved by Regal Investment Advisors - however - presentations will need to be resubmitted for compliance approval if ANY changes made.


Compelling Wealth Conversation

The Regal Flagship presentation that educates clients on our value proposition on the three principles of investing: Consistency, Courage, and Balance.


Financial "Tootsie Pop"

We feature the iconic Tootsie Pop commercial because it is a well-known part of American culture and it is a simple metaphor for a financial planning concept.


The Shopping Cart

The best time to shop for investment advisors was yesterday. The second best time is today! Using a simple shopping cart analogy, inform clients why they should be with a Regal advisor.


Two Questions Positioning

There are two questions everyone wants an answer to regarding their financial well being: will I make it? - and - do I have any financial blindspots?


Mind Your Own Business

Business owners generally expect and usually prepare for what we’ll call “Daily Business Risks:" Changes in your industry; demand for your product or services/technological advances, etc. It may be challenging to maintain the same quality level of the product or services you offer.


Investing 101

6 What ifs . . .
of Retirement Planning

Family Financial Workshop

2017 Tax Strategies

State of the Markets

Women & Investing

Identity Theft