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eSignature is almost here!

eSign Benefits

The eSignature excitement is building as there are many benefits, not only for the Advisor, but to the client experience as well. The implementation of eSignature will:

  • Reduce many common NIGOs (Not In Good Order) work items. In using eSignature,  Starting Point will gather all required forms and the built-in validations will alert the Advisor office if any required information is missing; together these two items will further reduce the common NIGOs.
  • Enhance the client experience by allowing the client to receive documents instantly from the Advisor rather than waiting for the documents to come in the mail or at an in-person meeting. These documents can be signed anywhere they can access their email at any time. The client won’t have to worry about mailing back documents or the time/cost involved in the mailing process to return business.
  • Provide a full audit trail of the history of documents including signing, processing and review. This is helpful for review and auditing purposes.
  • Permanently archive documents and the audit trail for review at any time. All information, including the DocuSign verification, will be archived in COMET for reference as needed. The work item will also reside in “Pending Advisor Review” until sent for eSign by the client and Advisor.

During the implementation process the Regal/Regulus team has received assistance from a handful of beta testers in the field. These beta testers have been very helpful in their feedback and testing of the platform with various work items and forms. Some of the feedback we received, along with the action taken, is listed below:

  • Request for a detailed client experience document – this will be included in the available training materials.
  • Inquiries on uploading non-eSigned documents to a work item – the available training materials will include a step-by-step guide.
  • Positioning of the client initials on documents – these have been formatted and updated based on Advisor feedback.
  • Order of forms when client receives – currently an open ticket with DocuPace to possibly be included in future enhancements.

Overall the feedback from the beta testers has been very positive and helped the Regal/Regulus team shape the rollout to the Advisor field as a whole. We appreciate those that took the time to learn the eSign platform and assist us with the testing of it.

eSign Process

eSignature will be available for all Regal Investment Advisors’ and Regulus Advisors’ documents, as well as Pershing, TD Ameritrade and Fidelity.

With eSignature, Advisor offices will utilize Starting Point inside COMET to populate and produce the appropriate paperwork.

After producing the populated documents with all information completed, the Advisor will enter and confirm all information for the eSignature recipients, then send to the client with a click of a button.

The client will receive the documents by email, confirm their identification, and sign the documents via DocuSign. After the client signs the documents the Advisor will be prompted to sign the documents via DocuSign as well. Once these signings are complete the work item is automatically sent to the Regal/Regulus service team for the normal review and processing.

Implementation Timeline and Training

While the process is simple, our team understands that implementing eSignature into a practice is a big change and can be difficult with some clients given certain circumstances. We will be providing training for all Advisors and Assistants to fully equip offices to implement this new system into your practices.

Training will include a short mandatory video, and resources such as PDF guides, video tutorials, and small group webinars will be available to accommodate your learning preferences. The timeline for full implementation will be communicated over the coming months as we work with Advisor offices to ensure the client experience is as seamless as possible. Expect more information on training the week of December 16th!

‘Regal Update’ Webinar

Below is a link to the last “Regal Update” webinar. During this webinar the team talked about the eSignature rollout, sleeve accounts, year-end deadlines, and many other important updates. Click below to review the recording of the webinar.

Watch the Webinar Replay ▸

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